8 Elements 8 Inspiring dishes: Octaphilosophy is André's essence and true value, at the heart of all his cooking. 

With Octaphilosophy, he devotes each dish to another inspiration; this creates a series of completely independent yet cohesive dishes. Octaphilosophy engages and yet constantly surprises the diner’s palate and senses with new taste sensations: Personal, Spontaneous and Emotional; a new generation of French Nouvelle cuisine.

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Wine Journal

“If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul…”
— Clifton Fadiman

Restaurant ANDRÉ’s unique cellar features rare, small-production, artisanal boutique wineries across France, with an emphasis on purely natural and biodynamic wines. The intensity of depth in selecting the best natural wine is our philosophy: we believe we are only enhancing the beauty of, but not manipulating, nature. This holds true from our cuisine to non-alcoholic fermented juice, and so does our carefully selected natural wine collection.

“We select every bottle of wine, like how we select every piece of vegetable, 100% natural, artisanal and very personal…”
— André Chiang

“Every single bottle of wine we selected, they are meant to go perfectly with your meal and our belief in being natural; to appreciate the most beautiful part of the wine is what’s in the bottle, not on the bottle.”
— Romain Cousot, Operation Manager-Sommelier

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Jus Fermentation

"The most beautiful process of cooking is time…”
— André Chiang

Juice is the purest way to appreciate nature in the liquid form.

Chef André Chiang reveals the care and attention of his research over the last decade, which takes months to craft every single of his unique fermented juices “Jus des idées”. By creating a brand new pairing experience, this collection of fermented juices with astringency, smoky, grassy or creamy flavours and textures give the wine-like sensation of full taste, body and aroma. 

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In search of Jus des Idées.

  1. toasted corn / dark malt / vanilla
  2. onion / potato / mushroom
  3. Tamarillo / basil / dried chili
  4. Red sorrel / Kale / Seaweed
  5. Cacao nibs / sourdough
  6. Yellow Beet / Licorice / Green strawberry
  7. Pine Needle / Apple / Charcoal
  8. Chrysanthemum / Honey / Fleur de Sel
  9. Cardamom / Koji
  10. Cucumber / Elderflower / Pine Apple
  11. Toasted Rice / Barley / Buckwheat
  12. Starfruit / Anise / Ginger