05 Apr 2017


TEXT BY Restaurant andre
We are pleased to announce that Restaurant ANDRÉ has been awarded #14 World’s Best Restaurant 2017, up 18 places from the 2016 rankings where it was place #32 in the annual prestigious list. This year marks Restaurant ANDRÉ’s seventh consecutive year in the coveted listing since 2011. 

“I feel very blissful to be recognized with other 49 most influential chefs on earth that leading the trend of our young generation. Our cuisine might be different but we committed to pushing the boundary of the culinary world. This award is dedicated to my enduring team. I am deeply honored to receive this recognition with a sense of heartfelt gratitude; it would not have been possible without their support and encouragement.”- commented Chef André in his thank you letter addressed to his guests.


After Chef André’s world tour of his first cookbook “Octaphilosophy: The Eight Elements of Restaurant ANDRÉ, Phaidon” in 2016, Restaurant ANDRÉ changed the venue back to where they are based, Singapore. The team is thrilled to share the exciting plan of inviting talented chefs to visit Singapore to present a few exclusive “four hands” gastronomic dinners at Restaurant ANDRÉ Singapore.


06 Apr 2017