19 Sep 2016



TEXT BY Andre chiang
Lemon sous-vide
"In south of France, we use enormous amount of lemon in everything, fresh lemon juice, confit lemon, marmalade, lemon oil, lemon zest... and preserved lemon which heavily influenced by Moroccan cuisine. 

Preserved the lemon in an air-tide jar with some salt, over few months, it become an incredible seasoning for your dish; In a modern kitchen we preserve them individually in vacuum bag, once lemon is "ripe", we simply open them one by one and use every bit of the lemon, from skin, rind, juice and pulp in a different way. 
While I was holding the Sous vide preserved lemon in my hand, I said how about I make a look-alike Sous vide preserved lemon that made from every part of lemon!?"