10 May 2016


TEXT BY Restaurant andre
fresh stack of aprons nothing unique except the one picked blueberry juice


Put on a room
Put on by a room
Only our philosophies match in size in the entire universe

Nothing is ordinary, unless it is misplaced. However, it happens surprisingly often. Our locations shape our moments.

Aaron Nieh

Graphic Designer
Proprietor of Aaron Nieh Workshop

Aaron Nieh (aka Yung-Chen Nieh), the graphic designer who is also the first Taiwan AGI member since 2012. He has crafted a new perspective for the audience to watch and understand graphic design with his gracefully owning control over all imagery, symbols and materials, he has brought novel imagination and shaped a new landscape in the Mandarin Pop Music industry, as well as in the world of publishing and performing arts.

11 May 2016

09 May 2016