11 May 2016


TEXT BY Restaurant andre
a land gifts exquisite things orchid symmetry, pig identity but above all: rest

Flavors in Memory

Memory as scene
Longing as layer
Scent as piece
Flavors in our minds

When we were young, wok sounds in the kitchen and delicious smells through old window remind us a great dinner was not far away.
I transform childhood memory into objects. Through old window frames and frosted glass, you can almost see a hole on the old screen. We are eager to taste those flavors on the other side. Surrounding iron decorations, although rust out over time, remind us that while time forces us to move ahead, flavors in our memory are always worthy to wait and remember.

Hsu-Chung Fang
Graphic Designer

Fang is a graphic designer and curator. He was visual director for handmade bicycle brand Sense 30 in Taiwan, and owned another brand FEVER. He has extensive experiences in visual design and branding. He has been nominated for Best Album Packaging in Golden Melody Awards three times in a row. His unique styles transform music into visual forms, so you can see rhythms in his design.

12 May 2016

10 May 2016