08 May 2016


TEXT BY Restaurant andre
pearls, a south blush even permanent seawater turns transparent once scooped out of its body

Before Blossom

Dropped on soil
I see a flower in future
It whispers
"Have you seen a pair of beautiful eyes?"


Blossom, pollination, fruition, seeding
It's natural lifecycle, and also path to ideal.

When a seed lands on soil, its future is unpredictable.
It may sprout or fall into dormancy.

Octaphilosophy, in our eyes, is a nascent seed.
It's robust and strong to create flavors.
Within this unique fruit, the essence remains.


Alfie Lin
Founder and Design Director of CNFlower

Alfie Lin is well-knowned for his floral design works created especially for Fuchun Resort Hangzhou. His creations are found at top international hotels including the Amanfayun Hangzhou, W Hotel Taipei. His works show the aesthetic feeling of nature on the international stage. Most of his creative inspiration stems from observations of the environment around him. Which resulting in distinctively natural floral design styles that are simplistic, refreshing, and imbued with elegance.

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