09 May 2016


TEXT BY Restaurant andre
what are memories but moods strung along by the thin thread of time heirloom necklace

Tree Goose

Memories are islands,
time is like water, and life is a journey.
We drift on a boat.
Sometimes we land for comfort,
before going on our trips,
while others stay forever.


In medieval times, people believed geese grew from trees as fruits and hanged upside down. In the slower past, we were never worried about food safety. We coexisted with nature in a balanced and harmonious way. When we were kids, weekend dinners were always our favorite moments. It's the most relaxing time after a week of busy work. My mom always picked a piece of meat for me. I ate this goose from tree with a dip of soy sauce.

Page Tsou
Visual Artist
Art Director of Studio Auspicious

Page Tsou is a Taiwanese visual artist graduated from Royal College of Art, London UK. He is always interested in the invisible interwoven relationships of the people and objects, about how it intertwined with each other. Hidden agendas, power games and potential conflicts are the normalities of the world. Through drawing and continuing exploring the ideologies, he has many unfinished stories to be told.

10 May 2016

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