07 May 2016


TEXT BY Restaurant andre
in the garden of soil and toil artisan farmer cultivates himself



Thoughts in silence

Scenes in oblivion

Time in blossom

And we, are no longer between us


Lost time: In the extensive test of time, we gradually lose enthusiasm or refine passion. Between lost and found, romantic results are left in process.
Fragmented time shines over traces in personal pursuits.
The path we took is transformed into everlasting memory.

Chung-Ming Yang
Art Creator 
Owner of 324 Print Studio

We believe art is daily occurrence. It should not exist only within the walls of a cathedral, nor should it be a rarity. With this idea we established 324 print studio, and aspire to be the bridge that connects the public with art. We spread art in different ways such as art-creating, print-teaching and exhibition-planning. It is our hope that through our multi-dimensional expressions of art, more hearts will be touched and more souls will be nourished.

In 2015, National Palace Museum entrusted me with the task of creating a print work, which is called ‘A Dream of Wondering in a Garden ‘. This work are now permanent collection of NPM.

08 May 2016

06 May 2016