10 Jul 2017


TEXT BY Amelia yim
On June 20 & 21 2017, Chef Dan Hunter, Trisha, and Joaquin of Brae made a very special visit to Singapore for two collaborative events at Restaurant ANDRE. The menu celebrated Brae's focus on indigenous produce and flavours, together with Chef Andre's Octaphilosophy.
Brae x Restaurant ANDRE

It was a spectacular display of Chef Dan’s central reverence for nature, with presentations that convey both commitment and skill. Iconic dishes as featured in his debut book Brae: Recipes and Stories from the Restaurant were recreated for our special guests at Restaurant ANDRE, where home grown and wild seasonal ingredients were transformed on every plate, to evoke flavours reflective of Brae’s identity and locality.


Guests had the chance to taste Prawn, Nasturtium, Fingerlime, prepared head to tail with the meat raw while the heads are barbequed. A courageous diner sucks on the heads to enjoy the crunch as well as the deep intensity of running head juices. A humble nasturtium parcel packed full of multicultural ingredients familiar to Australia - tamarind, fish sauce, fingerlime - served alongside to finish.

Parsnip & Apple also made a special appearance on the menu. The deceivingly simple but tedious in preparation two ingredient dish, is as Chef Dan describes, a “beautiful, immaculate golden cone shape covering a mousse of apple and parsnip”. A dish that required hours and hours of work and rework in the creative process, and is very much a part of Brae, having been on the menu since their soft opening for family and friends, and now, brought to guests at Restaurant ANDRE.